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    faith filled topics. 

  • Now is the perfect time for you to recharge your mind and nourish your soul.   

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    1. Light from Light: A Theological Reflection of the Nicene Creed by Bishop Robert Barron 

    In recent decades, antipathy toward religious belief in general, and Christianity in particular, has been on the rise, with over a quarter of Americans now identifying as religiously unaffiliated. But the truth of what thoughtful Christians actually believe is not being told.
    Bishop Barron invites skeptics and seekers to discover the intellectual richness of the Catholic faith. Walking through the ancient Nicene Creed, Bishop Robert Barron offers readers a clear and compelling explanation of the basics of the faith for a new generation, especially those who have wandered away.

    2. Praying the Rosary Like Never Before: Encounter the Wonder of Heaven and Earth by Edward Sri

    Tips that will make the rosary a constant companion through moments and challenges we all face today.

    Do you struggle with praying the rosary: finding time, fighting distractions, worrying about your mind wandering?  In Praying the Rosary Like Never Before, Edward Sri offers practical suggestions that come from the rosary’s tradition and, most especially, St. John Paul II.

    These helpful tips will make the rosary a constant companions through the different seasons, moments, and challenges we all face. These tips serve as easy on-ramps for those who don’t pray the rosary regularly motivate avid devotees of the rosary to go deeper with the Lord.

    3. Behold This Heart: St. Francis de Sales and Devotion to the Sacred Heart by Fr. Thomas Dailey O.S.F.S.
    In these pages, Fr. Thomas Dailey transports you beyond the prayers and liturgies and helps you to contemplate the Sacred Heart, which Pope Benedict XVI said “has irreplaceable importance.”

    4. The Activated Disciple; Taking Your Faith to the Next Level by Jeff Cavins
    The Activated Disciple teaches you how to imitate God, so you can become an instrument for him to transform the world.

    If you yearn for a life that moves beyond believing and practicing, if you yearn to become an "activated" disciple, then this book is for you.

    5. Pray, Decide and Don't Worry; 5 Steps to Discerning God's Will by Jackie and Bobby Angel in collaboration with Fr. Mike Schmitz
    Drawing from the rich tradition of the Church and powerful insights from the saints and the Bible, this invaluable resource teaches Catholics how to recognize God’s voice, how to discern spirits, how to know which vocation God is calling them to, and that it’s possible to be “in the waiting” yet fully joyfully alive at the same time.

    6. To Light a Fire on the Earth; Proclaiming the Gospel in a Secular Age by Bishop Robert Barron

    As secularism gains influence and increasing numbers see religion as dull and backward, Bishop Robert Barron wants to illuminate how beautiful, intelligent, and relevant the Catholic faith is. 

  • The Great Adventure Bible - Ascension Press

    A Catholic Bible that
    also teaches you how
    to ready it! 

    The Great Adventure Bible makes the complexity of reading the Bible simple. The narrative approach gives the big picture of salvation history and shows how everything ties together. This is the only Bible that incorporates The Great Adventure’s color-coded Bible Timeline learning system, a system that has made The Great Adventure Bible study resources the most popular and influential in the English speaking world. The color-coded tools make it easy to read and easy to remember.

    - The Great Adventure Bible Timeline
    - The Great Adventure Bible Tabs

    - Bible book covers
    - Bible highlighters
    - Bible rulers

  • Word on Fire Bible - Volume 1, The Gospels

    The translation used in The Word on Fire Bible is the New Revised Standard Version: Catholic Edition (NRSV-CE).  Available in store, leather and paperback. 

  • St. Joseph New Catholic Bible

    St. Joseph New Catholic Bible (NCB) offerings provides this fresh, faithful, and reader-friendly Bible translation.
    An important quality of its extensive and insightful footnotes is their distinctly pastoral tone. This Personal Size Edition has a 5½ x 8⅛ format. It is available in three sacramental offerings (First Communion, Confirmation, and Marriage) as well as in a wide variety of colors, bindings, and large print.


    • Decorative Presentation Page
    • Beautifully Illustrated Family Record Section
    • Rosary and Stations of the Cross in Full Color
    • Printed End Papers
    • 8 Full-Color Maps
    • Miracles and Parables of Jesus
    • Over 80 Full-Color Illustrations
    • Discovering Your Bible
    • Old and New Testament Timelines
    • Key Ideas in the Bible
    • Lavish Panoramic Illustrations

    Noteworthy Features

    • Words of Christ in Red
    • Learning about Your Bible Section
    • 30 Self-Explaining Maps in Context
    • The Bible and Catholic Life
    • Over 100 Photographs, Illustrations, Charts, and Maps of the Holy Land
    • Doctrinal Bible Index
    • Bible Dictionary
    • The Sunday Gospels


  • Family Edition Bible

    This Saint Joseph Family Edition is a distinguished addition to the New Catholic Bible (NCB) offerings. This edition boasts a distinctive, easy-to-read, and inviting 13-pt. typeface, the large all the time, but we have to learn to hear his voice. st of any Catholic Family Bible in a comparable size. Intended to be used in Catholic families for daily prayer and meditation, as well as private devotion, this Saint Joseph Edition comes in an impressive 8½″ x 11″ format, features gold page-edging; specially designed, full-color end papers; two decorative ribbons, and is durably bound in white padded imitation leather. 

    Noteworthy Features

    • Decorative Presentation Page
    • Dignified Family Record Section
    • Chronological Tables of Bible History
    • Learning about Your Bible Section
    • Over 100 Full-Color Photographs and Illustrations
    • 8 Full-Color Maps
    • Illustrated Rosary and Stations of the Cross
    • Distinctive Illustrations Introduce Many Books
    • Words of Christ in Red
    • Books of the Bible by Religious Tradition
    • Miracles and Parables of Jesus
    • Valuable Bible Dictionary
    • List of 3-Year Sunday Mass Readings
    • Doctrinal Bible Index
    • Exquisite Full-Color End Papers
  • La Biblia - Latinoamerica Spanish Bible

    La Biblia Latinamerica is the Christian Community Bible translated and adapted for Latin Americans. Contains self-explaining maps and a comprehensive Bible index.

  • St. Joseph Sunday Missal

    New Saint Joseph Sunday Missal Leatherette Cover.  This Sunday Missal is durable and is perfect for all three year cycles A, B & C.  

  • St. Joseph Weekday Missal Volumes 1 & 2 and Sunday Missal. This leatherette durable cover has a zip closure with cross medal and is perfect for all three year cycles, A, B & C.  These Missals come in a set but can also be  purchased individually.  Available in LARGE PRINT. 

  • The Liturgy of the Hours full boxed set. 
    St. Joseph Guide for Liturgy of the Hours, booklet
    is available for 2022.

  • Christian Prayer and Shorter Christian Prayer Books are available as well as the Saint Joseph Guide for Christian Prayer Yearly booklet for 2022.