2021 Daily Advent Reflections

  • Fourth Week of Advent

    FRIDAY, DEC 24th

    We’re on the threshold of another Christmas…
    The commemoration of that sacred and glorious moment in history when God himself entered into our world as a vulnerable child in a stable in Bethlehem. 
    Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas!

    THURSDAY, DEC 23rd

    Have you ever seen a performance of Handel’s Messiah?  It includes the famous Hallelujah chorus.  Here are the first words of the entire masterpiece, taken from the Book of Isaiah:

    Make straight in the wasteland a highway for our God!
    Every valley shall be lifted up,
    every mountain and hill made low;
    The rugged land shall be a plain,
    the rough country, a broad valley.
    Then the glory of the LORD shall be revealed,
    and all flesh shall see it together;
    for the mouth of the LORD has spoken.

    Make straight a highway for our God.  

    Let every heart prepare him room.

    Let earth receive her king!

    ~ From Chris Stefanick

    The central claim of Christianity is that God became a baby and was born two millennia ago and gave his life to save us. That’s the most radical claim of any faith in history.

    At first glance, it seems absurd that God would do such a thing. But when you think about it, would it make sense for God to be any LESS radical or absurd? Watch this Real Life Minute from Chris below.

    TUESDAY, DEC 21st

    Bishop O'Connell's Christmas Reflection:
    Wouldn’t it be great if we could hold on to our youthful Christmas excitement and enthusiasm for our whole lives?

    Remember what it was like when you were younger, how you waited with such expectation and joy for Christmas Day to arrive? The lights, the decorations, the Christmas carols, the presents all directed our attention to December 25. Of course, the focus of these things was largely the secular aspects of our annual Christmas celebration. Nothing bad about that unless they were the only things that Christmas meant to us, whatever our age.

    Of course, as Catholics, we know that Christmas has a much deeper spiritual meaning – its original and enduring meaning: The Son of God, Emmanuel, the Lord Jesus Christ, the Messiah was born in Bethlehem on Christmas Day. “A Child is born for us, a Son is given us,” predicted the prophet Isaiah 800 years before the birth of Christ. Those years continuously added excitement and enthusiasm to the people of God as they waited for the long-promised Messiah to come.  Wouldn’t it be great if we could hold on to that kind of expectation all our spiritual lives? That is what the Holy Season of Advent is meant to help us do each year until Christmas arrives.

    The Christmas story is the same as ever, it doesn’t change: The Virgin Mary and Joseph, the child, the star, the angels, the manger, the crib, the shepherds, the wise men.  We repeat the scriptural story each year. 

    MONDAY, DEC 20th

    Holly created all these Advent Rocks and Mr. Joe Manzi asked that a poster of them be displayed in church.  Way to go Holly!

    SUNDAY,  DEC 19th

    John,  leaping for joy at the presence of his cousin Jesus, remind us of the joyful abandon we have when we are around our close relatives.  Yet, no one can be closer to our hearts than God Himself.  Christmas is the perfect time to bask in the joy and peace that only He can give, for they are eternal. ~ reflection from Angela Werner

  • Third Week of Advent

    SATURDAY, DEC 18th
    Did you have a chance to join the Stefanick family saying the rosary?  It was a beautiful thing to witness and feel a part of a Catholic family doing a beloved Catholic devotion.

    If you need prayer hours, click here to say the rosary, one decade at a time.

    FRIDAY, DEC 17th

    THURS, DEC 16th

              For Fun! 
     Christmas Version of

    The Bohemian Rapsody

    WED, DEC 15th

    Click Here
    for a free episode from Chris Stefanick on the Joy series.  Check it out!

  • Tuesday, December 14th

    If you didn't have the chance to watch Christmas with the Chosen, don't worry!  It is still in the theatres which is the best place to watch it, OR, you can
    livestream it for free here!

  • Monday, december 13th

  • Happy Gaudete Sunday

    Check out Bishop Basson's daily reflections, especially today's Sunday Sermon for Gaudete Sunday.

  • Thursday, Dec 9th

    Every Sunday, we go to visit my son Kevin at St. Gabriel's Cemetery.  We listen to a beautiful video of the Divine Mercy Chaplet.  Take 18 minutes out of your hectic day to be at peace with God.  


  • Wed,  December 8th

    The following was taken from Good News Ministries from which I receive a daily reflection from every day. Sign up if you want!   

    Today we celebrate the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary. An  awesome miracle that God the Father granted to Mary so that she could become the mother of God the Son. God, who planned ahead for Mary's participation in salvation history, knowing - before her conception - that she would choose to say yes in faith. Her conception was "immaculate" (untainted by Original Sin), because Jesus, who is fully divine and perfectly holy, could not grow in the womb of a sinner. 

     In today's reading from Genesis chapter 3, we see Eve become the mother of all the living, but she sins and she passes this sinfulness onto all generations. In the Gospel reading, Mary becomes the Second Eve, saying yes - through faith empowered by grace - to the vocation of becoming the mother of the only one who could redeem us from sin. Thus, Mary becomes the mother of all those who share in this faith, all those who want to be redeemed from sin and who want to give birth to Jesus in others.

     "Let it be done to me according to your word" was not a sudden or temporary leap of faith for Mary; it was her life-long attitude. The power that enabled her to fulfill this desire came straight from the Holy Spirit as a gift of grace.

    Grace is a gift, pure gift. Grace is God's power received as a gift when we need it, regardless of what we do or don't do. Placing ourselves into God's grace, however, does depend on what we do. We were given this grace by baptism, but when we sin, we remove ourselves from the state of grace. We cannot sin and remain in God's good graces.

    When we repent, God's mercy restores us to his grace. When we rely on this grace at the moment of temptation, we overcome the sin and we are restored to the peace of Christ.

  • tuesday, december 7th

    Generosity is contagious.  And it looks good on you!

    Giving  generously can change your life and transform the world!

  • Monday, December 6th

    Kudos to Holly for these very inspirational Advent rocks.

  • Sunday, December 5th

    Periodically, the Ignite Youth Group has a book drive where we hand out FREE books from Matthew Kelly.  The last book we gave out was 'I Heard God Laugh'.  

    Matthew Kelly has dedicated his life to helping people and organizations become the-best-version-of-themselves. 5 million people have attended his seminars and presentations in more than 50 countries.

    ​Kelly is an internationally acclaimed speaker, author, and business consultant. His books have been published in more than 30 languages, have appeared on the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today bestseller lists, and have sold more than 50 million copies.

    He is also the founder of The Dynamic Catholic Institute, a Cincinnati-based nonprofit organization that is redefining the way Catholics are inspired and educated. Every Advent and Lent, he shares short, inspirational videos every day.  Jump in for your Best Advent Ever!

  • Saturday, December 4th

    Visit our parish website for LOTS of inspiration this Advent.

  • Friday, December 3rd

  • THursday, December 2nd

    Want some JOY in your life?  Click Here!

  • Wednesday, December 1st

    The Chosen” is a story about the events in the New Testament and offers a fresh look at the life of Jesus Christ.

    This is the second year “The Chosen” has produced a Christmas special with top Christian artists.

    Start Watching!!

  • Tuesday, November 30th

    Have you ever heard of Father Mike Schmitz?

    Click Here to watch Father Mike talk about Advent

    Here are some fun Facts about Father Mike:

    “I am one of six kids.  I have three sisters and two brothers. My last name is spelled S-C-H-M-I-T-Z. 

    I love carrots and celery…sprouts and kale chips.
    This is not true.  Steak.  Steak is often overlooked as a snack in most people’s lives.  I think we need to get back to our roots here.
    I don’t have any hobbies or hidden talents.
    I rarely hide any talents.  Pretty much, if I can do it, I do.
    I loved college and I loved the seminary.
    In college, I had a class on Shakespeare taught by a monk who was so moved by the beauty of the words that he wept during every class.  It was incredible and drew me to a new love of beauty in the English language.
    In seminary, Dr. Christopher Thompson taught a class in Moral Theology that I still reflect on to this day.
    I love the school year with students, but I like summers too.
    My favorite summer day is waking up at my parents’ place on the lake.  Get in prayer and say Mass.  Get out for a run.  Drink some coffee with my mom and dad, siblings, and in-laws.  Eat bacon.  Get outside in a kayak or paddle board.  Wake surfing with the family.  Lunch.  Bags (AKA “Cornhole”).  “Snooze Cruise” with the nieces and nephews.  Beer and pizza at Zorba’s.
    I’ve traveled as far away as the Philippines and Australia.
    What if I could live anywhere?  I go back and forth between one of those cabins on stilts in Tahiti and a small place somewhere in Israel.  So I think I’ll stay in Duluth.
    My favorite thing about being a priest is everything connected to the Sacraments.
    I love offering the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.  I love preaching.  I love hearing confessions.  There is nothing that I know of that can compare with getting to be a part of someone’s Great Story, the story that God is calling His children to live."

  • Monday, November 29th

    It is piously believed that reciting this St. Andrew Christmas novena prayer FIFTEEN times each day from the feast of St. Andrew (November 30th) until Christmas Eve will obtain special blessings.

  • Sunday, November 28th

    Today is the first day of Advent!

    Father John says  that if we want a good Christmas, we need to have a good Advent.

    To help us have the best Advent ever, Ignite will be having daily reflections, videos and inspirational pictures.  Also, there will be some community service activities if you need them. Here is one!

    We are going to have an Advent Rocks project!  Find some flat rocks and paint an inspirational advent message on it.  Then email me a picture of them.  You will earn one service hour for every 5 rocks that you make.  Once I get your picture(s), I will let you know where to place them on the SLG campus so that they can inspire others during Advent!

    Looking forward to our best Advent ever!